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Home ownership is a financial goal most families share. It is the largest purchase families are likely to make and one of the most important financial assets they can acquire. Finances aside, it is also an emotional fulfillment, the "American Dream." The Center for Home Ownership is dedicated to helping families turn that dream into reality. Through a collaboration of local, state, and national partnerships, the Center for Home Ownership provides families a single source to:

• Learn about the home buying process
• Resolve problems that prevent home ownership
• Make contact with community professionals who will assist them
• Maintain and enhance the homeownership experience

The Center for HomeOwnership takes families from where they are to being pre-approved and ready to purchase a home. Family members receive home buyer education and counseling to acquire the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the home buying process and become successful homeowners.

Community professionals make use of the center by making themselves available to assist potential home buyers. These professionals include, but are not limited to, loan officers, realtors, insurance agents, title companies, and home inspectors.

Services do not stop with the home purchase; families can use the resource center and attend classes on Home Maintenance, helping them preserve their investment and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Should mortgage problems occur, financial counselors can assist the home owner in finding resolution to mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure threats.

The Center for Home Ownership is a WIN-WIN opportunity for everyone. Families achieve the American Dream, the local tax base is strengthened, neighborhoods and communities grow stronger. The center is certified by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), recognized by North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, and local housing providers.